Cancer Survivorship

At Tri Valley Urology, we believe beating cancer isn’t the end of your story and symptoms you may be experiencing due to your treatment shouldn’t become your new normal. Survivorship is the celebration of living life to the fullest post-cancer, which to us means creating the best quality of life for our patients.

In the case of pelvic health/women’s health/men’s health physical therapy, helping achieve optimal quality of life post-cancer can manifest in a few ways. Pelvic floor physical therapy can be essential in reducing pain post radiation, reducing scaring from surgical intervention, improving continence (urinary or fecal), improving sexual function, improving fatigue management and improving movement/strength of your arm/leg/body to help you return to the activities you love.

Cancer survivorship and treatment comes with its own set of unique challenges and victories. Our physical therapist and physicians are passionate about seeking out the most current research regarding interventions for post-prostatectomy patients, breast cancer treatments, and many other forms of cancer. Let us help you achieve the best version of you, so you can tackle new and exciting adventures on your survivorship journey.