Vasectomy is a quick, 15- 30 minute, surgical procedure performed in the office for permanent sterilization. Many couples choose vasectomy as a birth control option after they have completed their family. The failure rate for vasectomy is 1 in 1000 and is lower than that seen with oral contraceptives and condom usage.

Why Tri Valley Urology?
Our surgeons are all Board Certified Urologists who have been extensively trained in scrotal surgery and vasectomy. Our physicians as a group have performed over 7000 vasectomies. Complications are very rare, however our Urologists are experts in managing any issues that may arise as a result of the procedure. The majority of vasectomies in America are performed by Urologists.

Our Technique
We utilize a “ No Scalpel “ technique that allows for less pain and quicker recovery from the procedure. Patients are provided with an oral pill prior to the procedure that helps decrease anxiety. A local anesthetic is used to decrease pain during the procedure. We take great pride in providing a quick, effective and efficient procedure that is well tolerated.

How to Proceed
If you are interested in vasectomy, please call our office to schedule a consultation with one of our Physicians.