Prosthetic Penile Prosthesis and Artificial Urinary Sphincter

What is a Prosthetic Urologist? A Guide to Penile Prostheses and Artificial Urinary Sphincters

Most men would be surprised to find out that the treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) which has the highest patient satisfaction is not the little blue pill, nor the 36 hour pill, nor even penile injection therapy, but rather is the inflatable penile prosthesis implant. The reasons for this are simple: having an implant means no ongoing medication expense, no medication side effects, and no uncertainty as to whether an ED therapy will work reliably. Penile implants are best performed by Prosthetic Urologists, who are urologists with specific and additional training as it relates to Men’s Health, and who specialize in treatment of ED and Urinary Incontinence. Another surprising fact is that most insurances, including Medicare, cover the implant surgery.

Below is an animated video of how a penile prosthesis works:

Men don’t have to live in pads for their bladder leakage! Prosthetic Urologists do the majority of Artificial Sphincter or sling surgeries for Urinary Incontinence. These treatments are means of curing male stress incontinence that occurs as a result of prostate surgery, radiation, Proton-beam therapy, or brachytherapy. Prosthetic Urologists will assist patients in finding the best treatment options for them and in regaining the confidence they deserve.

Below is an animated video of an Artificial Urinary Sphincter:

Tri-Valley Urology can refer patients interested in pursuing the above treatments to men that have had a penile implant or artificial sphincter, which gives patients a chance to ask candid questions as well as speak to the men’s partners about their experience. This is often helpful for patients who are considering an implant but want to know more specifics about the actual procedure, postoperative pain, and sex life post surgery.